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Producer, host and writer, Nick Mollé

has traveled the globe from Alaska to Australia in search of the unusual, the extreme and

the unforgettable. His serious purpose with a touch of humor has won him many awards

for his productions.

Nick has hiked, documented and filmed Rocky Mountain National Park for over 20 years. When
not in the Rocky Mountains, he follows a passion for inspirational destinations.


A love of nature, quest for knowledge, and search for adventure have taken him to exotic destination

including the Costa Rican Rainforest, Alaska’s Prince William Sound, Australia’s remote Northern
Territory, and the troubled Mayan villages of Guatemala.


His 2015 documentary, The Living Dream: 100 years of Rocky Mountain National Park

earned a Regional Emmy nomination.


His previous releases with American Public Television include WildSide with Nick
Mollé: Costa Rica
and the A Walk in the Park with Nick Mollé series featuring Real Rocky,
Rivers of the Rockies, and Birds Without Borders, where Nick extended the reach of Rocky
Mountain National Park to the tropical forests of Costa Rica following the migration of four
small songbirds.


His production of Solar Car: The Secrets of Ra7 documents the Solar Challenge
race from Darwin to Adelaide, Australia. Moved by the story, Robert Duvall delivers the
introduction to this amazing testament to youthful determination.

The newest edition, A Walk in the Park with Nick Mollé: Nature of the Beasts is a soul
searching dive into the effects of climate and crowding in the pristine wilderness of a national
park. Starring among others, the lovable Pika, Beasts examines environmental changes in
quality and the experience with a concept that may surprise some viewers.


As with his previous work, Nick displays his love of music as he weaves the soundtrack

through this film including original work crafted by him and his creative team.

Nick credits success to years of working with his close friends and outstanding filmmakers, John
and Sean Doherty where together they find a purpose to present natural environments

cloaked in their splendor, beauty and significance with the hope that they can make a contribution

to their preservation.

Our Staff

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Production Manager

Lauren Mollé
Sales & Marketing Manager

Brett Wilson
Podcast Host

Claire Mollé

John Goerner
Associate Producer

Matthew R. Mollé

Colleen Co

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