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Award Winning Documentaries

A Walk in the Park: NATURE OF THE BEASTS

A Walk in the Park with Nick Mollé: Nature of the Beasts follows Nick as he travels through the park on foot and on snowshoe. He captures its natural beauty and showcases its diverse flora and fauna, including the pika – a cousin to the rabbit – as well as marmots, moose, and more.


”When we look into the wilderness, and see the heart of a scientist beating in this place of wonder and see the soul of an artist breathing the beauty, we can see ourselves; where we fit in.” Nick Mollé


Walk with Nick Mollé, the experts he interviews and the wildlife of a national park as we seek to maintain the integrity of the wilderness in Nature of the Beasts.

Over the past several years, the park has experienced an unprecedented surge in visitation. This film explores how this increase in tourism is stressing the park's infrastructure and ecosystem, affecting species like the pika, whose numbers are dwindling. 

Climate change is also impacting the park. Viewers hear from experts – including Darla Sidles, superintendent of Rocky Mountain National Park; Dr. Scott Denning, professor of atmospheric science at Colorado State University; and Dr. Chris Ray from the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research at the University of Colorado, among others – about how the Rocky Mountain ecosystem is affected.

Nature of the Beasts looks at possible solutions to these problems as well, exploring how education, positive park experiences, and appreciation for the landscape can potentially spur constructive change for a park in peril.

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Nature of the Beasts combines Nick’s eye for beauty with his drive to better understand the natural world and share that understanding with viewers. As he poetically states in the film, “These walks [in nature]… inevitably delve into my inner passion, where art and science confess their secret identity as twins.”

Featuring an original musical composition written by Nick and his creative team, Nature of the Beasts is a stunning feast for the eyes and ears, as well as a thought-provoking look at an ecosystem facing an uncertain future. 

Connecticut Public Television (CPTV) is the presenting station for A Walk in the Park with Nick Mollé: Nature of the Beasts. It is distributed nationally by American Public Television (APT).

THE LIVING DREAM: 100 Years of Rocky Mountain National Park

This is the story of a National Park.


For centuries human beings have been visiting this inspirational

place.  In 1915 we gave it the name Rocky Mountain National Park.


Native Americans came here for spiritual renewal.  Mountain men came dreaming of furs and gold - they found something else.

Dreams have been made, lost and made again in this extraordinary


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Rivers of the Rockies explores the rivers of the northern Colorado Rocky Mountains including the mighty Colorado River and the life it supports in Rocky Mountain National Park. Tracing the source of our streams, Rivers takes us to some of the most beautiful and inspirational destinations from the top of the Rockies to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

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Birds Without Borders examines the habits of four species of small birds while exploring the newly discovered relationship between Rocky Mountain National Park and the national parks and preserves of Costa Rica.
Over one hundred and fifty species of birds share these ecosystems. Fifty of them nest in Colorado and migrate to Costa Rica. These four were chosen because they were best suited to tell this story.
Birds Without Borders is being made available to PBS primarily through the support of The Estes Institute under the direction of Melinda Merrill.

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A Walk in the Park: REAL ROCKY
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This is the most in-depth DVD available on Rocky Mountain National Park.

Nick Mollé and his crew live in Estes Park and have dedicated several years to this production. Enjoy stunning scenery at every turn as you enter the world of the Real Rocky - from a breathtaking drive over Trail Ridge Road, the highest continuous paved highway in the world - to hiking deep in the backcountry.


Climb mountains including Longs Peak and fly fish high-country lakes. Hike to Lawn Lake, Bluebird Lake, Gem Lake and many other wilderness destinations. Witness elk, bighorn sheep, moose and other park wildlife.

Join host Nick Mollé as he meets up with passionate biologist Lucia de la Osa explores the Osa Peninsula in this one hour American Public Television special presentation. Walk the beaches and venture into the inner reaches of Corcovado National Park.
Nick and fellow producer, accliamed nature cinematographer John Goerner, take their cameras where few have been as they encounter scarlet macaws, white faced capuchin, spider howler and squirrel monkeys.

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SOLAR CAR: The Secrets of RA7
Witness first hand the 2009 World Solar Challenge held in Australia's outback where teams of students from around the world compete in a journey from northern to southern Australia cutting across this vast continent from Darwin to Adelaide.
Their task is to build a vehicle powered by solar energy and drive it on an incredible journey that covers 1800 miles. Will they make it?
Introduction by Robert Duvall / Narrated by Nick Mollé. ​


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Estes Park, Colorado, gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, is located in one of the most scenic settings imaginable.
The unique symbiosis between this fascinating village and the breathtaking beauty that surrounds it provides visitors with an incomparable vacation experience. 
Let this national award-winning DVD take you through history, beauty, and personality of this glorious place.


A Walk in the Park: CLIMB LONGS PEAK
It stands as the highest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. At over fourteen thousand incredible feet, Longs Peak is an exceptional challenge. From the television series, A Walk in the Park, comes the ascent of a lifetime.  
Join Nick Mollé, guide Lisa Foster, and mountaineer Jim Detterlin, Ph.D., as they take you to the summit of the most northern fourteener in the Rocky Mountains.
Along the way you'll explore the alpine tundra, its vegetation, wildlife, and stunning geological features.


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Experience the thrill of hiking up and over the majestic Continental Divide!

Join your hosts Nick Mollé and Lisa Foster in this exciting backpacking adventure that begins at Bear Lake on the east side of Rocky Mountain National Park and takes you across the mountains to Grand Lake on the west side. 


This scenic 17.5 mile trail explores the unique world above tree line, including the inspiring summit of Flattop Mountain. As the hike unfolds, endless fields of Rocky Mountain wildflowers and tumbling cascades complement the excitement of camping out in this enchanting and wild mountain paradise. 



Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park are blessed with a display of wildlife that dazzles the minds of all who visit. This video contains a cross section of some of the parks most enchanting creatures captured on tape by award-winning videographer Nick Mollé.

Witness the elk, bighorn, moose, the evasive mountain lion, and many of their neighbors in their natural habitat. Watch for tips on viewing from local experts, and learn about animal behavior and habitat.

This production is guaranteed to entertain and enlighten all wildlife enthusiasts. 


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