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In this series of human interest stories, journalist Claire Mollé has set out to tell stories about the lives of people in Estes Park which may never otherwise be heard. Along with filmmaker, Séan Doherty, Mollé searches for people who are contributing something special to our community.  Her goal is to bridge gaps between people by increasing our mutual understanding of one another. In these three episodes, you will explore the lives of foreign exchange students, Vietnam veterans, and local artists working every day to make it in such a challenging industry.  Estes Park often gets buried in its own tourism industry, and Mollé believes it is crucial that we take the time to step aside and remember that this is a community where real people with real struggles live their lives.

Artists in Estes Park

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“Our Town. Unfiltered.  Artists in Estes Park” features several of Estes Park’s local artists while highlighting the culture of local art.The show is produced by Claire Mollé and Séan Doherty in conjunction with Nick Mollé Productions.

Producer and host, Claire Mollé, has set out to tell real stories about life and culture in Estes Park. Her goal is to bridge gaps in the community by increasing our understanding of one another. Mollé believes art is a magnifying glass into the heart of a community. Growing up in Estes Park, she began to notice a vast number of artists who seemed to have a particular attraction to Estes Park, and she wanted to find out why. This episode explores not only what Estes means to artists, but what artists mean to Estes, while initiating discussions about the types of art that we most often find in Estes Park, and why.

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American Legion Post 119

This episode investigates the key purposes of the American Legion in Estes Park. It features American Legion Commander, Terry Rizzuti, as he describes his experience as a Marine in the Vietnam War, and why the American Legion is such an important organization. The show goes on to explore the challenges that Post 119 is facing and what it means for the future of the organization.

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J-1 Visa Students


This program examines Estes Park's growing international summer workforce who are comprised of students who come here on the J-1 Visa Program. Two of the J-1 Visa students talk about their experiences and the challenges they faced while working in a totally new country.

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Meet the Production Team

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Claire Mollé - Writer, Producer and Journalist

Claire Mollé works as producer and office manager at EPTV-The Rocky Mountain Channel, and Nick Mollé Productions. She graduated with a degree in journalism from Colorado State University in May of 2017 with concentrations in broadcast and public relations. Claire is native to Estes Park and has a fervent love for her hometown.

Since childhood, she has loved to write. For as long as she can remember, her dream was to develop tolerance for one another by increasing our understanding of each other. She is honored to have the opportunity to produce, “Our Town. Unfiltered,” a series which allows her to work towards that dream in the very place that inspired her to do so.

Claire is 23-years-old. Outside of her position at with the TV station, she enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, and playing music. Her favorite aspect of journalism is human-interest stories, and she is eager to continue to grow her career.

Sean Doherty - Camera & Video Editor

Seán has worked as a production manager at Nick Mollé Productions for the past ten years and in the film & television industry for over twenty years. His rich background of production includes many commercials, documentaries and news programs for the likes of Disney, ABC and Fox. He is a master of the edit suite and has a remarkable eye for an aesthetic style of camera work that comes from his love for the pure beauty of our natural surroundings.

For "Our Town. Unfiltered." Sean set out to create a more cinematic visual style that allowed the story and the people to take center stage.

During his free time,  Sean likes to travel and hike with his wife.  He also collects and takes still photos with vintage film cameras.

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