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DVD in eco-sleeve packaging

A Walk in the Park with Nick Mollé: Nature of the Beasts follows Nick as he travels through the park on foot and on snowshoe. He captures its natural beauty and showcases its diverse flora and fauna, including the pika – a cousin to the rabbit – as well as marmots, moose, and more.

In addition to highlighting the grandeur of Rocky Mountain National Park, Nature of the Beasts also explores the underlying challenges the park currently faces.


Over the past several years, the park has experienced an unprecedented surge in visitation. The film explores how this increase in tourism is stressing the park infrastructure and ecosystem, affecting species like the pika, whose numbers are dwindling.

Climate change is also impacting the park. Viewers hear from experts – including Darla Sidles, superintendent of Rocky Mountain National Park; Dr. Scott Denning, professor of atmospheric science at Colorado State University; and Dr. Chris Ray from the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research at the University of Colorado, among others – about how the Rocky Mountain ecosystem is being affected.

However, Nature of the Beasts looks at possible solutions to these problems as well, exploring how education, positive park experiences, and appreciation for the landscape can potentially spur constructive change for a park in peril.

Nature of the Beasts DVD

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