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Nominated for a Heartland Emmy!

This is the story of a National Park.


For centuries human beings have been visiting this inspirational

place.  In 1915 we gave it the name Rocky Mountain National Park.


Native Americans came here for spiritual renewal.  Mountain men

came dreaming of furs and gold - they found something else.

Dreams have been made, lost and made again in this extraordinary



In 1867, English writer Isabella Bird arrived seeking the Wild West.  She found it and more than she bargained for in the form of legendary mountain man, Rocky Mountain Jim.

The great naturalist Enos Mills persevered through opposition and antagonism while transforming a failed economy of mining and ranching to an economy of conservation.

F.O. Stanley, the ingenious inventor of the Stanley Steam Car, arrived in 1907 dedicating his life and his dreams to a community and a national park.


In the wake of broken dreams, the ghost town of Lulu City found a different kind of wealth when the people of Grand Lake reached over the divide to connect with the people of Estes Park.

Through years of evolving policies, science, trial and error, dedicated park personnel share their passion for the wilderness with the people who come to appreciate it.


Protected by passion, Rocky Mountain National Park continues into the next

100 years - stimulating dreams from one generation to another.


Featuring historians Dr. Jim Pickering, Curt Buchholtz, and Dave Lively.

Insights from anthropologist Dr. Bob Brunswig.

With commentaries from legendary Everest pioneer Dr. Tom Hornbein and world-class climber, Tommy Caldwell.

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